Remember November Act I: 'A New Jersey' Opening Featurette

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

N.J. Gov Christie pushes to make the State more competitive; and court a long-term return of business revenue for the state's strapped budget.

The new Governor is rapidly lifting Business determent in "mass-taxed" Blue State; in order to shift red ink to black.

Bottom-line: If this nation is to over-come its financial crisis, we must decide in November.... Are we to be a Nation with politicians, intrinsically linked to buying votes... Or will we be a Nation who empowered its people to improve the private-sector by opportunity, which rejects additional GOV debt!...

"NEW" Jersey has already decided.

Remember November Act I: 'A New Jersey'
Opening Featurette
from Republican Gov. Association

Regardless of party affiliation, we must start with the purge of all those of the 111th, who choose GOV power at the expense of private-sector growth!

This is an accountability issue, not a political issue...
Without willingness to have spending discipline, private-sector jobs are disabled from fully impacting a stronger economy!

Today's Majority "political spending" will only impact a permanent recession! Save the future, save the Nation...

-Vote them OUT! ...Nov. 2010!

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