Professor R. Brooks (MIT) on the remaking of US Manufacturing; via Robotics

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Specific ideological changes must be made, that we emerge stronger, with renewed perception of what the pursuit for a better life, must become... And if humankind is to elevate its potential; it is logical that the constant 'vacillation model' of exploitable labor, must be replaced... VIDEO.
"Robots are just like other technological advances. They don't put people out of the workforce they just change the workforce." -Toasterface

And so too, societies will replace simple labor with skill orientation; as productive elements of robotics continues to advance... Evolution of entrepreneurship will guide the United States, into a different way of envisioning how we shape our future.

-Professor R. Brooks offers an interesting projection of the future of manufacturing in the U.S... -Full Video Here. -View bio

What was right then, is wrong now....
Today, the ideology of "UNION LABOR" and large bureaucracies, is holding back the evolution of technological progress.... What was once, a representation of 20th century thinking; UNIONS now starve society, destroy budgets, and are no longer suited for forward thinking, or sustainability... A broken system which limits advancement on disease & planetary solutions.

As millions of U.S. jobs are courted away, and/or pushed from this country; U.S. industry innovators are now eager to shift the tides... Creating Jobs to make jobs easier and more efficient; replacing inefficiency as robotics-expansion evolves...

-VIDEO: da Vinci Surgical System link: VIEW.

Nothing can destroy the deeply embedded identity of American entrepreneurship, and originality of teamwork! :D ........ Go America!

And may U.S. citizen's spirit of reinvention for Nation, help to inspire a better future for us all... (Post updated)

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