Physician feels "profiled" by (D) Sen. Harry Reid's, oppressive comments

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

When a political party needs divisions to sponsor their elections; these issues will never be healed... To be whole is to sponsor yourselves, make a difference politically; but above all, never give up the freedom of your vote!

-Rubio weighs in on the Reid comments: VIDEO.

And now, prominent Doctor, Manny Alvarez, speaks out against Sen. Majority leader's controversial comments about voters of Hispanic descent.

As with a majority of Americans, the Dr. wants his Children to have the freedom to decide what to do... And yet Reid is using the same dialogue as oppressive Nations of his past... Such as, "You have to conform to one way of thinking"... And, "Don't listen to anybody else."

Politicians who bet on divisions, shift "however" the wind blows:
From Ed Morrissey:
What Bill did Reid sponsor, in 1993? READ.
"Democrats paint Republicans who challenge birthright citizenship as extremists; it turns out that Reid was (17) years ahead of the curve."

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