Obama asks, "Who is this group, 'Americans for Prosperity'?"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Instead of questioning his JOB-KILL policy as it rapidly dismantles private business; B.O. questions a long-standing U.S. group which advocates "prosperity?"

And wonders if they're:
"Foreign-controlled companies who want America to do well." (LOL)

Dem Majority's financial decision-making, has controlled the U.S. since (2005/6)

View the massive "up-tick" of unemployment in 2009...(13:20) Horror! As unprecedented growth of GOV devours private business... Like a cancer!

Notice how Obama is concerned that Foreign Nations will get a voice in our elections, as he gives AID, programs, territories, & swaths of US citizenship; in hopes of getting a larger voter-base.

But everyone knows that reducing U.S. competitiveness in Int'l Markets; burdens U.S. companies, and our Int'l counterparts...Causing less GOV. revenue, & more destruction to financial systems.
Progressives just ignore the economic consensus...

And then this video...

Dem progressives' Motto: "Everything for everyone; and nothing for ourselves."
Dems refuse help in our gulf states, and won't come to the aid of tornado victims in NW Ohio... But send aid to Pakistan, now Russia; borrowed from the class of 2025! Read.

-The Eternal Stimulus:
“yo-yo effect” of pink-slipping

Still away.... Wishing you a great day...

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