Dems speak from World's Worst History; but "Their voices don't speak for US" -videos

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Throughout History "Socialist affiliates" have weakened and destroyed the functiality of their private sector... Today, Dems create a mass infusion of Government-dependant workers; causing permanent mass unemployment!
Under the name of Hope, they have stripped our freedoms, and crippled our future."

American Socialists release names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Their Caucus: Read..
Unless we stop this....
Soon, private health, wealth, & property, are confiscated; often aided by the lock-down of food supply & defense... As Gov civilian armies & prisoner recruits are weaponized to carry out the crush of dissent.

In every instance of Government enslavement; the true goal of redistribution is not to improve the Nation; but to fulfil and secure the regime's distinct party-line... Notably the appearance of "never-ending" campaign & bailouts.

Religion competes for GOV loyalty; and (at first) the regime pits one against one another; until eventually ~ALL~ are mysteriously burned to the ground! *** Warning, disturbing video: View.

Socialism inhibits the greatness found within self determination, accountability, and individuality... For decades, the constant stream of refugees have been testimony to the world; of man's natural desire for freedom.

We stand together as the pulse of America...
(R) Gov. Bobby Jindal at Rally for Economic Survival in Lafayette

Americans do not want Socialist schemes which harvest from one; to widen Gov. dependance:
-It is age-old oppression: VIDEO.

Today's Links...
Americans Ceding Sovereignty Through Food Policy: Read..

SEIU Intimidation (Dem thug group) outside Opposition fund-raiser: Read..

Numerous (must view) links & Videos: HERE.

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