Thursday; 'Operation 10-in-10' (Mid-term elections 2010)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Regardless of your political affiliation; the fix for America is Integrity, Constitutionality, and Consistency... Our Vets have proven their service to Country; and remain committed to doing what is right for 'we the people' & Constitution (as one.) Standing for U.S. recovery, on a Mission of Victory.

We must guide America, as our Constitution intended...
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Pete Hegseth of VFF talks about the Veteran Candidates, now running in the up-coming Mid-term elections (representing 10 States.)

A Free and integral United States, should be equipped to establish its own recovery; by a leadership that is responsible and held accountable...

Today, pay-offs, bribes, & on-going corruption, has lead to Fraud & abuse... If we are to clean up the 111th, worst Congress in our nation's history; we need the right guys to do the job... Those who took the oath, and live the oath...

Today's Links...
Look at the latest WH Administration lie:
White House Responds To CBO's Brutal Health Care Takedown: Read.
"Claims Reform Was Never Going To Save Us."

2010 Session Marked by Secrecy and Closed-door Agreements: [PDF]
Key Findings: Key Legislative Transparency Abuses...

S.E.C. Is Said to Seek to Bar Wall St. Financier, Steven Rattner
(Obama Car Czar ) ##
"The S.E.C. and the New York attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, have suggested that Mr. Rattner improperly paid off a political operative to win lucrative business from the New York state pension fund... Read.
Czars come tumbling down? (whoever they are.)

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