Play fair with Our Chicago-style tactics

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Video shows how bundling bills into one omnibus package; creates opportunity to erroneously blame the opposition; while they were really voting against inc. legislation, sure to destroy 3 million jobs...
Didn't like Dems' bundle, with troops in the front-lines, either...
-O(blame)a ...Video ht: IOTW; and Nice Deb
-House Minority Leader John Boehner responds: HERE.

Video above (of Carnegie Mellon speech) didn't mention the Freddie & Fannie redistribution programs (primary cause of financial melt-down) and the real culprits who sued banks (as did he) to force them to make Risky loans...
-VIEW VIDEO: HERE With Left's Legacy of refusing to reign them in...

-B.O's Law license Retired (08) sealed away from public. VIEW.

And then lies that Bush "Tax cuts went to Rich" when (in fact) Tax-cuts went all across the board, using Internal Revenue (IRS) scale for tax-payers.

Bush was clearly the largest spender on education, unlike the falsehoods in the video... Now invalid argument, with (2009-10) quadruple spending.
This is identity-politics, deeply rooted in insecurity... Often emulating long-ago deceased dictators, as they "remove" U.S. flags... But I take offence when he stands in front of our Flag while trashing our Constitutional process of "the right to assemble", and freedom of the vote; while bashing (only one party) for voting against "truly damaging policy."

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