Light for the Ages: Seasons & Solstice

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US) -[8-Videos]

Image: NASA from ISS Aurora Borealis;
Over Manicouagan Reservoir

Video: Planetary Summer Solstice: HERE

Light for the Ages...
We've just passed through a traditional mark of the change of seasons; as the solstice reached northernmost point in Earth's sky...

IMAGES (new window)
A 'midnight rainbow' appears: *<[;o)~~
From Kuusamo, Finland. View. (Spaceweather.com)

-Soichi Noguchi (on ISS) snaps this: IMAGE!
(Fly through Aurora at 28,000 kmh)
-Heaven and Earth erupt (Iceland Image) VIEW!
(Aurora bursts meet Lava bursts)
-Aurora Borealis over Europe: View.
-Mars from the Living room: View.

VIDEOS (new window)
-Video: The Longest Day of the Year (Time-lapse!) View.
(Recommended on a 42" Screen!)
-Video: Listening to Northern Lights: VIEW!
(Minnesota Planetarium Video- Natural Radio.)
-NASA: About Summer Solstice Video.
June: Venus...Planetary necklace spanning the sky; dusk to dawn.
-Video: NASA's SDO's Helioseismic & Magnetic Imager! VIEW.
(About the mission.)
-THEMIS observations (up-close) VIDEO.
Onset of a substorm follows a specific pattern: tail reconnection is followed by rapid aurora brightening and extension toward the poles...

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