Jacques Cousteau, le film "Epaves" 1943

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

A Jacques Cousteau birthday memory...
It's too painful to view his beautiful undersea filming; as we (too) found pride and joy in pristine beaches, doting on endangered species... And now, most have run out of tears... Fittingly, I post this blue and white film... :|

I do know that each time our Gulf (custodians of endangered species) have endured and survived the decades of hurricanes; they've conditioned the type of strength to overcome this... And will.

Note From Freeps: "Literally thousands of ships were sunk during WWII. They were loaded with diesel, gasoline and diverse noxious and toxic chemicals. Surprise...surprise...the oceans are still there as are the fish and other sea creatures."

-So don't let your heart break, let convictions grow stronger; & have faith...

Video Caption: Réalisé en 1943 par Jacques-Yves Cousteau, le film "Epaves" est le premier tourné avec le scaphandre autonome "Cousteau-Gagnan", offrant les premières séquences sous-marines en méditerranée à près de 62m de fonds. On retrouve dans ce film, les 3 mousquemers, avec Philippe Tailliez, Jacques-Yves Cousteau et Frédéric Dumas, ainsi que le concours de Roger Garry.

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