Gov. Chris Christie interview: Talks McChrystal, Unions, etc. (w/videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Gov. Christie weighs-in on recent General McChrystal story... Describing his own (GOV) decision which favored the value of communication; over the limits of 'reaction' to opposing view...

And the Short video below, explains how Christie stands up to correct, years of failed economics driven by Special Interests...
-What's at stake for States (view end of post.)

-It can be done... States can cut spending to balance the budget, and not raise taxes!

-Full Video: HERE.

-Immediate layers of deficit reduction, is essential for our entire nation. And this means, that which does not expand or enlarge the same broken system.
It might even mean the difference between those who will retain State Sovereignty... As each day, this looks like an attempt to push U.S. into a One-State Federation... (emphasis mine.)

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