Doubled war, quadrupled debt, a laughing gull wallows to shore

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

East Grand Terre Island, LA - 6/4/10: Oil from the Deepwater Horizon "incident" is coming ashore in large volumes across southern Louisiana coastal areas.
Image: Win McNamee/Getty. [Slideshow]
-Laughing Gull (in better days)

A mandatory evacuated Hurricane is called a "Bush Disaster"; and a hastily signed, "man-made" (failed oversight) is called an "incident?" If this were between 2001-2008, this picture would have received over 2,000 Bush hate comments. Instead, only (2) reflections.
-Since capping a well at these depths has never been done before; what sort of caprices would make someone want to sign for something like this??
SECTION 7.0; Oil Spills Information (250.219 and 250.250)

7.1.5 Oil spill response discussion - a discussion of response to an oil spill resulting from the activites proposed in this plan is not required for this Exploration Plan.
7.2 Modeling report
A model of a potential oil or hazardous substance spill is not required for the activities proposed in this plan.

Democrats mum, to avoid "tainting" their party? Perhaps they should strip the White House of PENS which contributed to Trillions in erroneous Omnibus Legislation, "failed" over-sight, & hastily signed Bills... In year (1) alone...

-And a President that needs a "stand-in" to do his Job. [2010/12 out!]

"When the President no longer governs for the interest of the State, but for that of his re-election; he does homage to the majority, and instead of checking its passions, as his duty commands him to do, he frequently courts its worst caprices." -Tocqueville
(Democracy in America -1835)

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