1920's, S. S. Sapona; at Triangle (Bimini)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

An interesting story...
The S. S. Sapona was a cargo steamer built by the Liberty Ship Building Company in Wilmington, North Carolina & launched, January, 1920.
-Lovely little dive... (story below)

S.S. Sapona from David White on Vimeo.

In April of 1924, the Sapona was sold to rum runner, Bruce Bethel, in the Bahamas. He towed the ship near Bimini where she was used as a floating warehouse for rum and whiskey during Prohibition...

In 1926, the Sapona ran aground on a reef during a hurricane and the stern of the ship broke off... Later used for target practice by Air Force and Navy, during World War II...

And also became the site of the the legendary Lost Squadron of Flight 19, which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle on their way home from maneuvers....
...December 5, 1945.

Today's Links...
-VIDEO: Bermuda Triangle: The missing Flight 19: View.
Flight 19 aircraft preceded thousands of unexplained disappearances inside the mysterious Triangle...

Including the Rescue ship, on voyage to find the missing flight 19... And lost, too... Last location passing over explosion & oil slick.

-VIDEO: Possible causes: View.

Discoveries at Bimini: Columns, Marble Building Ruins, and Possible Building Foundations in 100-Feet of Water View.

NOTE: US should use its abundant gas land-reserves; and employ our citizens who lost their jobs in the gulf... Close the gulf to ALL deep-sea (US & Int'l) drilling... This region seats on a highly unpredictable and pressurized hydrocarbon mine; and I believe that massive sink holes are what we are seeing in the Triangle area...

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