Vintage Video shows Russia's (controlled) "nuke to stop" gas leak (ht: gateway)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

WOW Not sure which is more disturbing; the probable Left-view that the gulf-oil problem "rids us of oil"... Or this under-ground solution:

-Video from Jim Holt: (Gateway) and businessinsider
-Russia's method of stopping a gas leak...
Not to criticize Russia, it's just disturbing (in my view)
-Gateway has more: HERE.

Either way, someone had better step-up to the plate, to solve the present Gulf-leak... The days of belief that we are on a separate grid have passed; making this (eventually) a shared problem... (as in "shared-grid")
Not to ignore the fact that... Should this continue for over 300 more days (like the Iranian Hostage crisis of the Carter 80's)... It is probable that we could see "intensity in effects" of International regions, already poised for seizmic/tectonic activity... So much (beyond Einstein) is largely unknown...
And it doesn't look good.

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