Videos: Negligence, corruption, shocking lack of allegiance to Nation; (Impeach)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

November 2010/12 (Vote alert!)

Louisiana, absent FED or President's response; forced to act as Oil pushes 12 miles into the state's marshes, endangering two major pelican rookeries...
Video ht: Gateway

Gateway also notes:
"After a weekend of golf, and basketball, President Obama will travel to the West Coast to help raise money for democrats!"

Meanwhile, they further the idea of foreign mastery & indentured servitude; while stroking racial tension & unjust policy at home…

Biden's shocking twist of allegiance; noting that Brussels has a 1,000 yr. claim, as Freedom capital of the world. (NWO -vs- Constitution)

Video ht: ZIP

As Troops show allegiance to our Nation... Democrats tout conflicting schedule during approaching Memorial Day.

And this, from ACE:
Axelrod: When We Illegally Offered Sestak the Bribe of a Federal Job to Not Seek Office, We Were Careful to Leave No Evidence of Our Crime. Read.

Dems block yet another investigation on corruption charges… But this problem is not going to go away… Darrell Issa: "This Could Be An Impeachable Offence."
Video ht: hotairpundit

Gateway has: Extra Video

Most will know how to vote, as survival runs at odds with party loyalty... But if there are any confused voters; I seriously recommend examining quotes from our Founding Fathers.

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