Vegas speaks out against Obama's negatively "unpredictable" policy-effects

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

VIDEO: Wynn Takes on Washington: VIEW. (In the same business)
"No one has any idea what's next"
-Lovely Hotel; Visit Site:
Image: Wynn "Encore" Las Vegas

Wynn speaks of business in China, & says, "The shocking, unexpected Government is in Washington."
(more below)

As 'Dem-Progressives' push business, tax revenue, & jobs, OUT of our Country... They are letting large business tax credit (incentives) expire... Vote them OUT; or expect 'post election' cap & trade 'kill'...
-More mistakes for our Nation!

END the "Party of unintended Consequence"

-View video (below) of Mr. Las Vegas; Wayne Newton:

Newton is one of the Nation's most respected Native American Indian philanthropists; long-time Vegas entertainer.

In video (above) he stands up against Obama's "arrogant" moves, which resulted in the loss of billions in Las Vegas Commerce!
Video: Story Balloon; & momma

As the Pelosi, Reid, Obama, "Dem-Progressives" continue their WAR on Banks, Investors, Corporate America, Oil companies, & Insurance companies; they inflict business rules changes & multiple taxation... They're making it impossible for Industry to sustain private sector job growth...

And why is FED Government's WAR on State of Arizona a good thing for economic recovery of our nation? Destruction of AZ, impacts ALL.

Dem-progressives' worst blunder, is the idea that Tax-dependant Government jobs (which pull earnings from private sector) can somehow be considered "job gains." What it really means is: You'll pay more tax, have less money to retain employees, or hire the unemployed... And this means MORE private sector job-loss...


Today's Links...
VIDEO: Vtv at the Casa de Shenandoah: VIEW. visits Wayne Newton on his ranch as he hosts an open house and shows off his fine collection of Arabian horses...

Video: This must be one of Wayne's first performances! VIEW!

-Wynn Hotel (Private Photo Stream) View.

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