Six months till November... & Bye-bye; with a few suggestions before then...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

It never occurred to (2007-10) Majority Democrats that the basic core principals of recovery require drastic reduction in spending... But they know that they could generate immediate results, by easing restrictive policy in the private sector; at ZERO cost...

We made "One Big Absolute Mistake America" more than once; but we can’t go on & keep making it... And today they're expanding it! (ideas below)

There are dozens of additional opportunities to make America fiscally responsible, and not add to the debt; and many Conservative (Center Right) "ordinary people" running as candidates are ready to apply them; to save Liberty and Nation... IN NOVEMBER!

Here's a few immediate solutions..
We need fixed business policy with extended TAX-cuts to halt fleeing businesses; 12% flat tax (minus VAT tax) leaving more money working in the private sector, to do the job of repairing the markets... A suspension of Federal burdens, in order to put growth back in a recoverable position...

And raise retirement age 24 months, reduce (lower-rank) Federal employees to part-time, 24 month moratorium on Govt raises, and end their ability to Unionize… Allow those 40 (and under) to opt out of a portion of their Social Security contributions, instead putting the money into a 401(k) or IRA; or pay them back in Gov. annuities; which would help savings rate in the hundreds of billions; per quarter... (more later)
Two hundred (MM) financially rebellious U.S. citizens; means end-game for their adventures... It's time they used the white flag they give our enemies; and join the Republic for which we stand...And for which they hold oath. *<[;o)~~

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