Mother's Day Weekend... (Arrived in U.S.)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (Back in US)

-Bouquet- by Farhad...

-VIDEO: Lakmé Flower Duet VIEW

As often, Mother proves to be correct...

By leaving early from France when I did, looks like I completely missed the potential problem at the airports.... In Paris, they'll be using (aircraft) sounding devices to determine whether the closure of some airports may be warranted... With increased airport delays.

So, as Eyjafjallajokul gains strength, I'm now in the U.S...
Posted this before... Feeling tired after the flight; will post more later...

Happy Mother's Day to all... And remember, they are often correct.

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VIDEO: Very relaxing... Gentle rain

Video: ZEN GARDEN Peaceful VIDEO: Images.

River Rain & Thunder Close your eyes: RELAX

Think Good Thoughts... And be well.

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