Fox reads an important part of the AZ bill; that the State Dept (admittedly) won't do

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Key Obama officials push the "un-American, against human rights" narrative while claiming they've not read the bill...
Another divisive non-crisis/crisis?
-"Never let a crisis go to waste." -Rahm E.

-Ironically, Obama administration’s official position agrees with AZ immigration-enforcement law: Read.
Fox reads an important section of the Bill, that Key Officials of the Obama Administration won't do...

Majority in charge, with their "unresolved" ecological gulf disaster, and Govt expansion of more Govt economical misalignment; should consider the Constitution, as mandatory reading...

The first of few responsibilities of the FED GOV, is to protect National boundaries for U.S. citizens... And this means defending and securing the Nation's border sovereignty, not excluding drug cartels, armed militants; or however harm breaches... Instead, they vilify States which use powers delegated to stem the tides of border-crime murders, car jacking, and home invasions...

-VIDEO: Arizona Sheriff, “We're Profiling Criminals... Not Race” VIEW.
(Defends Arizona’s Immigration Law.)

-ACLU Sues To Stop Arizona's Immigration Law...
Calls AZ Law "Shameful and Un-American: Read.

There should be a motion to dismiss, then a motion for summary judgment by the state of Arizona, and if denied an interlocutory appeal to determine if all of US Code Title 8 is unconstitutional.... Hence, the current law, & billions spent to curb the yearly threat; would be an easy case to win for State of AZ...
From Freeps:
"I would recommend that the State of Arizona sue the ACLU in return. Arizona would sue for damages for every day the law is delayed by the ACLU lawsuit, including the cost of the welfare fraud, insurance fraud, costs of incarceration, police costs, damages from property crimes, education costs, etc."

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