Whisp of neon green (videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Image: NASA from ISS Aurora Borealis;
Over Manicouagan Reservoir

-Soichi Noguchi (on ISS) snaps this: IMAGE!
(Fly through Aurora at 28,000 kmh)
No longer painting; I'm cracking the books w/ serious Law study!
Will post soon... Keep up the good thoughts... *<[;o)~~

Today's Video Links (new window)
-Heaven and Earth erupt (Iceland Image)VIEW! Outburst of auroras met outburst of lava!

-Video: Listening to Northern Lights: VIEW!
(Minnesota Planetarium Video- Natural Radio.)

-VIDEO: NASA's SDO's Helioseismic & Magnetic Imager! VIEW.
(About the mission.)

-THEMIS observations (up-close) VIDEO.
Onset of a substorm follows a specific pattern: tail reconnection is followed by rapid aurora brightening and extension toward the poles.

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