Vega, Lyra, & bright young stars; Lyrid Meteor Showers: 4.22.10 (early a.m.)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, J. Stauffer (SSC/Caltech)

Found in the Trapezium Cluster, spanning about 40 light-years away, the Orion Nebula’s young stars (only 1 million years old) captured by Spitzer.

-Lyrid Meteor Showers: IMAGE.
Today, Lyrids typically "peak" (at greatest level) around April 22nd. The Lyrid shower's name is derived from the fact that its meteors appear to fan out from a point in sky, called the shower's "radiant", which lies within the musical constellation Lyra.
Enjoy Thursday's early morning Meteor Showers...
Will post more later...

-M57 planetary nebula (the famous "Ring Nebula in Lyra")
-M92 globular star cluster...View.

Today's Videos...
-Amazing 'Tom Lowe Astronomy Timelapse': View.

-Constellations: Lyra -- "The Lyre of Orpheus"
-Hawaii Astrological Society.
-History of Lyra (Myth) Music. (close your eyes)

-NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Team Receives Award: Read.

-VIEW: A World of Galactic Art (earliest relics) Video.

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