Régime Media avoids tens of thousands of US Citizens during 'Tax Day' Redress

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Today, Patriots arrived to demand responsible spending... Tea-Party Express shows concern & disdain for MASS unsustainable levels of future debt.
-CONTRACT from AMERICA: Top 10 Announced... VIEW.
-Ht: twitter/thecontract

Reduction of Govt expense is the Key to our Liberty... And every article of our Constitution supports this... Today I believe that our Country is in Constitutional Anarchy; absent the Tax consent of the governed...

Sen Ryan addresses runaway spending, the social system or order; fascist rule and prevailing political system...
-Etymology: Fr régime

Video -(HT/Hotairpundit)

Régime (re·gime or régime (rə zhēm′, rā-) Origin defined as former political & social system as is distinguished from the modern; especially political & social system existing in France before the Revolution of 1789. [1913 Webster]

This word "Régime has been used before; view Video from MRC:
-Must View Hypocrites!! VIDEO!

Hope & Change: U.S. "policy insecure" & debt-concerned...
But, just how voluntary is U.S. Tax?
Posting this Video again (below) still tagged as an "invalid argument"...
-But not anymore, as - Reid's "KEY POINTS" are now MOOT!

Today, Democrat's tax-evader "Tax-code writer" (Rangel) scraps KEY deductions; Reid opens the biggest training range in the world; as WhiteHouse loads:
IRS with Shotguns!

-Democrat Government tax collectors arming Up for Collections:
Solicitation Number: TIRWR-10-Q-00023.
"The Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight, XS4 Contour Bead front sight, Knoxx Reduced Recoil Adjustable Stock and Speedfeed ribbed black forend"... is not your friend!

QUOTE: "When Washington worships our money more than our freedom - to the point of arming its tax collectors - something's seriously wrong in paradise." Read.

Today's Links...
-Obama avoids U.S Taxes on Foreign Income of $1.6 million in 2009: Read.
-Humm... The Obama's income (for past several yrs) has been high enough; to have the money to have invested in something that pays $1.6 million in dividends? ...(Freep's BofT)

-TV's Tea Party Travesty #
How ABC, CBS and NBC Have Dismissed and Disparaged the Tea Party Movement... Read!

TeaParty reiterates article from TheAtlantic:
"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, for its part, has put together a list of races involving conservative challengers, some running as third-party candidates, advertised as Palin’s Primaries." Read more at: TheAtlantic.

-Humm... Tea Parties are not endorsing third party candidates…

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