M-7.2 - Baja Quake; California/Mexico

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

+32° 5' 35.16", -115° 14' 56.76" LOC.
People in four states described this as a deep, wave-like motion; like being on a boat... Hope everyone is OK....... I was actually on a boat very early in the morning, on the way to catch the plane; and now several hours away.

-Matt posted this:

We're all really concerned about those caught in the 7.2!

We pray they are OK, but this little community, would be right in the center...
I'll keep checking around, to see if someone is trying to send a signal...

-At Freeps, someone expressed concern that the Geyser quakes are related to this big one... Already as there is smaller quake activity; perhaps furthered north along the San Andreas...
UPDATE: Matt reassures:

If I find an update, I'll post it... here.
UPDATE: Sadly 2 killed in Mexico…
For States, it's mostly swimming pool upsets, and chandelier rockings... VIDEO: A So. Cal Famly’s pool shakes for 6-1/2 min. (language)

View more news videos at:

MSM is calling all of the earthquakes in Southern California, "aftershocks." But ODD, especially as quakes are stemming from two "unrelated" systems, of which least qualify as 'sympathetic' quakes.

I guess this expert explains it...

Unable to re-size this gigantic video; but will try to find something which better explains; in another post.

Today's Links...
Robert Felix at suspects that the upsurge of seismic activity might be linked to the decreasing strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.Read.

Scientists say that sudden changes in the dimensions of the Earth's tectonic plates can alter the velocity, affecting the speed of the Earth's rotation... As reflected by Scientists during earth changes of the 8.8 Chile Quake.

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