(D) Rep confronted w/ Tax-payer funded bailouts, allocated to Phantom Districts

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

"(D) Rep Jim Moran wants to fight when asked about stimulus money."
-Jason Mattera, author of:
moves forward to question our elected officials about the billions of Tax-payer "bogus funded" stimulus.... *<[;o)~~

Govt job failure made worse by fraud... A purported 6.4 billion of stimulus money is allocated to 440 Phantom Congressional Districts; and where's the transparent correction?

-Video HT/weaselzippers

"Progressive, Socialist, leftist, Democrat-controlled MEDIA" hides Govt looting by constructing frauds against the Tax-payers exercising their Constitutional Rights to assemble and redress grievances... They gear Reports aimed at steering "dangers of the Tax-payer rage."

But, in my view, creating massive new debt, and then pinning it on tax-payers; seems to be... "all the rage" in this Administration, today.

They refuse to meet in public; and claim "racism" to avoid answering serious questions... Democrats are doing the exact opposite of their Oath sworn to defend & protect all articles of our Nation's, United States Constitution!

Give these Senators & Congressmen the pink slips, in 2010/12! Call it a Job's Lost, to usher in an actual, uninhibited Jobs Created, for the Nation...

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