'Blueprint' becomes law, in order to read it

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Pelosi: "We have to pass the bill, in order to see what's in it."
-Drops the latest bomb:

More US job purges, as Dems use Tax-payer funds for Int'l investments.
Recently, Democrat's Soros, spoke from China (video below)
"We actually have to create a system which doesn’t currently exist"

-Why should this man in charge of setting conditions?!

Quote: "Now we face a challenge.. It is not a question of restarting the system; we actually have to create a system which doesn’t currently exist"...
-THE GOALS: -Freeps.

After beating violations of French law, he aids banking schemes to shift "self-serving" outcomes; as the US Democrat Party transfers Billions to over 600 Soros Community Organization groups, infused to contain U.S. election outcomes... Groups are later convicted of fraud; and promptly given new branding... And now, a deepening "agenda list" meets Democrat Justices who lift de-funding, and block disclosure, & transparency...

This is how the liberal corporatist game works...
Regulations, mandates, subsidies and the like are all done in the name of the public welfare, but behind the scenes it is often political capitalists, as opposed to market capitalists, who seek to increase or maintain their market share by way of the new "public-spirited legislation."

This liberal-corporatist structure was primarily erected in the Progressive and New Deal eras... A great many of the federal regulatory bodies were initially agitated for by big businesses. It is the small to mid-sized companies who should fear the regulators the most, or those who have yet to enter a market.

Former leaders in the heavily-regulated industries usually hold the highest positions in these regulatory bodies. They have been captured regulatory bodies from the start. They try to restrict competition, and make the start-up costs for entering certain sectors prohibitively high...

All of this corporatism is always couched in high-minded arguments for the environment, safety, consumer protection, the public weal, etc. The political capitalists understand mass psychology all too well. -(J. Peeler)

Today's Links...
-Obama Democrats busy bankrupting U.S. Coal Industry;
Supports loan for coal-fired plant in South Africa. #
"Obama directed the Treasury Department not to oppose the loan but to abstain when it was voted on by World Bank directors—a decision that effectively guaranteed the loan's approval"... Read more.

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