USCG: Guardian Protectors (24-7)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

If you're stranded & in trouble; and you see one of these...
It's your lucky day...
Image: [Enlarge]; by U.S.C.G; P.O. 3rd C. Brandon Blackwell -ht/Strategypage

Heroes defending US (24-7) without hesitation...
We thank them for their courageous day-to-day job of saving lives... And keeping the Homeland safe.

-Rescue Coast Guard Air Station Houston...
Semper Paratrus (1790) BIG VIEW: HERE.

-USCG: "When things are at their worst...We'll be at our best."

-VIDEO: USCG | Semper Paratus: VIEW.
Job entails enforcement of the law on the seas, protect natural resources and the environment in the nation's ports, major waterways, and homeland coastal waters. The USCG is selective, & the most demanding in education... And may be just the answer during U.S. recovery, to engage these strong and capable youth, making a shift in life-plan... USCG: FAQ.

-USCG Videos... (New window)
-So Others May Live: VIEW.
-Not a thankless Job: VIEW.
-The Guardian: My Sacrifice: VIEW. From Film.
-The US Coast Guard in action: VIEW.
-We are the Defenders of the Homeland: VIEW.
-USCG: Massive Maritime Drug Seizure: VIEW.
-Protecting you, while you sleep...

OK guys... Time to recruit more Now!

Caption on Image Above: U.S. Coast Guard Chief Stacy Dasher looks out the door of an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter during a helicopter-rescue training exercise at the Coast Guard Air Station Detroit, March 10, 2010. One of Dasher's primary roles is to operate the aircraft's hoist cable, which allows the aircraft to lift distressed persons into its cabin. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandon Blackwell.

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