Media Smears & Silences opposition, & then asks,” What’s America angry at?"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Surprise! Bad policy and use of public TAX to finance MEDIA to silence groups with Govt propaganda; is causing groups to swell in numbers! Note the end of this clip, opponent to Tea Parties says: "Nobody doubts the right of minorities to express their voice." Well, somebody tell them that...
TAX revolt Tea Parties are of every race, and politics...
As in, "Americans taxed-without-representation."

Video: Left Media brands and stereo-types a Tea Party supporter in what some regard as an interview; but I do not sense that they really want the answer to their questions... In the background, she's vilified by many signs; including those commonly identified as LaRouche groups!

Ace points out: 66% of Public Think ObamaCare Too Expensive, and Too Expansive; therefore things like the Government's own CBO, detailing that Health care premiums will expand; & deficit remain in the red; while impacting forced rationing... And are not the solution that huge majorities wanted to implement, to address 11-17% uninsured.

But none-the-less, that's too confronting for MSM tools, when a simple tag-line of "That's Racist" will do... But, as Loesch says, "it is intellectually dishonest to equate anti-big government stance with racism."

NOTE: EVERY Gov data-base has been compromised; therefore, masses are ridiculed for the last year, for legitimate concerns of being subjected to privacy breaches of Govt Central-planning... having absolutely nothing to do with race!

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