As US troop deaths, and Government's (citizen) dependant-class, double...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

"We also want to continue to make progress on ... good governance, rule of law, anti-corruption efforts -- all these things end up resulting in an Afghanistan that is more prosperous, more secure, independent."
-Obama in Afghanistan

Meanwhile back at home... Ramped Admin corruptions, as B.O. cronies, hold themselves, "ABOVE the law"... And while business insecurity via TAX threats stifle prosperity; U.S. unemployed & GOV dependant, multiply.

Looks like we'll be closing the Hen House door here at home...
Jason Mattera confronts Democrat's FELON TAX-CODE writer!

-Video re-post...
-View his full stream: HERE....

It's not for our guys to address this, but... Nothing left of us, as a Nation; or NO LONGER a Constitutionally Free people, is NOT what they support.

Today's Links...
-Citizen intimidation... As Obama’s 'civilian defense force' is funded and equipped as well as our standing military coupled with his promise to revisit the second amendment (repeal concealed carry privilege) ; and then compound this injury with Ayers' inspired youth corps. The Plan: Big Ideas for America:
Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Reed.

--ROE (CIC Obama) rules of engagement Kills Troops...
'We're pinned down:' 4 U.S. Marines die in Afghan ambush: VIDEO.

Commentary by Charlie Reese: 545 People… Must Read.

WI Governor to AG: Permission denied! Story.

-A Petition for redress by the citizens of the United States: Read.

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