Suffocated by massive Federal Gov; we celebrate former President's Day (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

It's likely that those of whom are honored today, never dreamt that special interests, pay-offs and bribes, aided by miles-high regulations; would lead our Gov to officially become, "no longer affordable."
Image: Founders gave us tools for reduction

We take a day to respect those of our History... But can't help but question, "How on earth did we reach minus 14 trillion?"

(View the Story of spending, below)

-VIDEO: The Story of Spending! VIEW! ht: Hotair.
"Politicians are engaged in reckless, unaccountable, out-of-control, spending.
The Story of Spending tells the true story of government gone wild."

Personal Note: Now that the price is "unlimited" on what they take of our freedom and quality of life, in order to further their bloated spending... They’ve suddenly got our attention...

Today, amidst Government sector's 14 trillion in debt & incompetence; Americans need to "tweak-back" to the Articles of Confederation; to actually dissolve & abolish the Federal Government... It is clear that they have shown us that the Federal Gov (not the people) is no longer affordable...

Today's Links...
-History of President's Day: Read.
-Presidents Day Secrets - Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Read.
PR Web - February 15, 2010
-Ten Things You May Not Know About President's Day: Read.

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