Miles of former Antarctic freshwater; soon adrift, to a continent near you

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Physorg posts: 2006 ice floe (C) where penguins drifted beneath a cathedral iceberg in (So. Ocean) in Australian Antarctic Territory.

An approx 1000 sq. miles x one mile thick iceberg; "tiny dot" compared with the 7.8 MILLION square miles and 2-3 miles deep Southern Ocean... Physorg says, "This iceberg's actual impact on anything is a tiny fraction of 1 percent (approx 2/100 of 1 percent) Even less when factored against the vast amount of water in the oceans."

VIDEO: of (near-by) French Research Dumont d'Urville: VIDEO.
Home of the emperor penguin colonies...

BBC writes: "The emblematic birds may be forced to travel further afield to find food." And: "If the area gets choked up (with ice) then they would have to go elsewhere and look for food." Read.

UH-OH... Reminds me of Sahara the Seal...
The adaptability of wildlife is greatly misunderstood by man...

Must view 2 min. Video:

Caption: In the Video, an Arctic seal was rescued from a North African beach; yet when "prepped" to return to its native waters; swam 1,000 miles (back) to get away from natural FREEZING habitat! Liked the hand-fed fish, too. :)

And also an update, examines the poss. threat of ocean current shifts...
However, the researchers say the changes to the region triggered by the formation of the new iceberg will not shut down the circulation system or affect the world's climate. BBC news

And point taken, here-in; at Physorg:
"Since it no longer is attached to Antarctica, isn't it now there for the taking?...all that fresh water...with changing rain patterns around the world and whole societies soon to be out of water, why couldn't we harvest the ice for our consumption?"
Dock a portion, make it a continual producer? :D
-IMAGE: From Earth’s Observatory: VIEW.

Still studying... Will post when I can...
Found several great Law points.. Will share when there's time.

UPDATE: 8.8... My prayers are with Chile, & neighbors!

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