Dr. Ron Paul at CPAC: “Liberty is an individual thing; & not a collective right”

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

In my view...
The best way to return the country to its people, is to stop making rapid and unconstitutional policy; and then slowly delegate the private sector to remove Government from control of it's old bankrupt policy...

VIDEO: Instead of blame & self-ridicule; we need National encouragement and Freedom from chains of Mass Government...
-Crankiness will not work!
NRO: Feel the "Ronmentum: Read.

He's a Senator which represents a bookmark for our Constitution... And although speaking of what most refuse to face, is not a bad thing... In my view, he discounts our foreign policy presence with huge inaccuracies; amidst an ever-dangerous world...

His son, Rand Paul, has an incredibly (newer & improved) grasp...Equal to that of which I do not agree here, is the idea that partisan Congress is free to obstruct the Constitution, just because it was done before... This has prevented us from staying on course with out Constitution...

Unconstitutional policy is delivered from "forced policy"; and explains our massive debt, and slow erosion of Liberties... "Urgent" has always lacked a Constitutional approach; because our Constitution is built upon the reality that balance is a gradual process.

There is caution, of "cause & effect" of all RAPID policy... Therefore "Dr. Ron Paul surgery" would not be without unintended consequence...
Again, Dr. Rand Paul, is worth a view...

The message of "end the Fed" was a popular one; and unfortunately his words of spending CUTS, are the least listened-to on Senate & House floor.

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