Astronomer's Eyes to the Universe; Observatory Videos

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Images: (videos below)
(l) Red Dome Under the Big Dipper; Etscorn Observatory of New Mexico Tech; Credit: M. Gino : NASA [APOD]; (r) astrosurf: Paranal Skies/Laser

Today's Links: (All open in new window)

VIDEO: The Lick Observatory (2,000 Lb Telescope) VIEW

VIDEO: Royal Observatory Greenwich London VIEW.
And so it’s Charles....

VIDEO: Observatory di Monaco (Astronomers EP1 5) VIEW!
"Nearly 90% of the universe's mass is undiscovered. Prominent scientists aim to solve the mystery of the missing cosmos."

Images Above:
(l) astrosurf: Zodiacal Light and Milky Way
(r) astrosurf: Sagittaire Paranal

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