First View (Palm Springs Int'l Film Fest)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

PSIFF: Mount St Elias (Alaska)
Official Film Website
Viewing this, Friday A.M.
Image: Tyndall Glacier

Incredible Video: VIEW.
Wie die große Dokumentation über die wohl härteste Skiabfahrt der Welt entstand. Ein Masters-Cut von Regieseur Gerald Salmina.

Schedule 1/8/10
UPDATE: Awesome film...
No words can adequately describe this film, except that I am left with a new perspective of the commitment of those brought in to record these adventures! There will always be man's "challenge gene" and the forces by which he meets them...
-And the smaller challenges require this same state of being.
Note my snivels and "weaknesses" prior to view:
EARLIER: On second thought... I Hope I have the nerve to see this film...
After seeing the previews, it might not have been a good choice for me... Most of the audience (see below) appear to be rugged athletes, with a stronger attitude toward sports tragedy...

Here's a few comments from the audience after watching this film, at the Anchorage International Film Festival, Dec. 6, 2009. [Video: By AKRaven]

It should be noted... Films that one would not ordinarily like, sometimes become the season's best films...
Have a nice Day...

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