Day two of new 2010 (free voices)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

It's not the opposition, but denial of a voice, which becomes the root cause of revolutions. Life is so individual, that most just want to be heard. Leaders can do better to prevent lost ideas that might actually lead to better solutions in 2010.
VIDEO: Glowing butterfly of freedom

Freedom is the core principal which connects the dignity of mankind...
May 2010 see the development of "Peace Parks" for discussion...
To encourage the art of connecting minds & cultures in celebration.

I am deeply saddened by events in Iran... Organizations become scape-goats; & not really the answer.

Wise & fearless leaders must create opportunity to foster liberty & content.
JFK quote (below)

"Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible, will make violent revolutions inevitable" -JFK

I have faith that many nations, who observe the plight in Iran, will encourage their own Leaders to permit the engagement of honest debate. And as Liberty promotes dignity; will take a moment to unite their own societies. Sad, as Iran's great minds & valuable people remain locked away from producing in society.

The most beautiful words in the world...
Freedom, liberté, Freiheit, حرية, wolność, libertà, ελευθερία, frihed, vapaus, svoboda, свобода, liberdade, libertad, חירות, (euskara) askatasuna, etc...

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