CES 2010 Opening (Vegas) -3-D Tech

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

-VIDEO: Wired shows selection of CES Technology! VIEW.
Starting with the Transparent Display... Lovely!

Thursday's opening to the Consumer Electronics Show (2010) in Las Vegas; begins with Gary Shapiro, President and CEO... Introducing Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft... How technology has changed...

-VIDEO: CES Day One Preview of Latest Gadgets: VIEW (wmv)

-A 3D evolution rather than a digital revolution:
More about the show...

And more Technology selections at AP:
-VIDEO: Including the night-vision cameras, etc; an incredible array of new developments which only time will expand: VIEW!

My first and only C.E. Show, was early 2000.... Unforgettable experience! Vast, fascinating, and always moving... I'm sure it's even more amazing today, as we move into what looks like, new 'stepping-stone' technology...

Other Links, Today...
Quick glimpse of two Films I'll see tomorrow:
At the Palm Springs Film Festival ##

North American Film Premiere:
-VIDEO: Khaw Suk Khong Kati (The Happiness of Kati) VIEW.
(Film from Thailand)
And: -VIDEO: "Only When I Dance" VIEW. (Film from Brazil)

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