Ashen Light phenomenon, still a mystery (for some)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US) writes of the Venus ashen light, first recorded in 1643 by Italian astronomer Giovanni Riccioli; in what was discovered as a faint glow on the night side of the planet Venus. Read.

Image: NASA (Magellan Craft Data)

NOTE: Other astronomers, over the ensuing centuries, will also observe the Ashen Light; but one of the longest-running mysteries of astronomy still defies conclusive explanation...Read.
Source: Eastbay Astronomical Society

It's simple...
A dance of electric particles animate the dark gray mystery; as flashes of lightning reveal the secret holographic nature of the Universe. :D

Filmed with a JVC handycam, JVC videolens f=2.2 ~5.5 mm F1.8 diameter: 27, 25 x optical zoom, Auto-focus, Mini DV, Backlight=on, Focus=on, Nightvision=off.
VIDEO: ITALIAN VIEW (is much better!) HERE.
The (1643) Venus Ashen light Anniversary: January 9th...
So, don't forget to celebrate... *<[;o)~~

Still painting in studio; wishing you a wonderful day...

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