"Systemic failure due to the last administration; but it's fixed now" (w/declaration video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Painting today... Quick post.
First... I would seriously do some job shuffling. Big Sis at DHS has not an ounce of credibility at this point... Further gutting-out the flight industry; with President's credibility, along with it... And, people preparing for flights DO NOT care if you still hate Bush.. U.S. as "the other guy" is not a strategy.

This unearthed (from hotair) circa 2007...

Second... It will take two generations to reduce the threat from al Qaeda; but not because they'll become friendly... Because they'll become minimized.
They have attacked many of the region, and strive for take-over; sadly with absolutely no qualms about blowing up Mosques, and targeting Muslims.
With or without U.S. presence...

In the 234 years of U.S. history...we've been wrong often; but many Int'l relationships which span over two thousand years; still contain hate.
Not to invalidate other's Hate... Hate for U.S. will not change.
For me... I consider "hate" over-rated... I pray.

Report: Iran Working To Import 1350 Tons Of Uranium Read.
Where's our Vice President?

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