Massive levels of carbon spew from Sea-floor; as volcanism ushers deglaciation

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

-VIDEO: Must view volcanic ash (Redoubt's eruption) lightly dusted on snow; zoomed w/ Macro. Note the familiar style of melting. VIEW.
-VIDEO: Volcanic Ash Tracking and Dispersion Model Predictions Within Virtual Globes:VIEW.
Climate Models absent time-sliding and macro Dynamics.
Journal of Quaternary Science: ##
Tephrochronological record shows marine and terrestrial records from volcanic source Read.

Image: Samoa fire dance

"Mission scientists believe 80 percent of eruptive activity on Earth occurs in the ocean, and most volcanoes are in the deep sea." Read.

Adaptation demonstrated by thriving sea-bed shrimp... (more below)

Man-made climate change is to assume that man is the driver of the function of the earth grid... When earth renewal is inclusive to the function of earth...
Earth is a vector function...

Geophysics’ explanation of the effects of volcanic ash has in the atmosphere, and levels at which it will escalate true carbon readings; are a spoiler for the myth of legislated tax... Climate-change exists within multi-Dimensional space, of one earth grid...Much as gravity and anti-gravity are inclusive, i.e.: precession of angular momentum, vis-à-vis dimensional levels.

By all means, it is our duty to clean the planet, but not re-direct evolving Science... But something all together sinister in the attempt to tax to stop volcanoes found in over 2/3 of the regions on earth...

And so, as carbon ratio for Water vapor is 33% > that of CO2...
Why not ban the alteration of water to gas?
(As is the driving properties of climate-change evolution)
Read All of Scientist Gary Novak: HERE.

VIDEO: Must see- The Cloud Mystery [1/6] HERE.
(Multi-lingual at beginning; watch all six clips.)

Now add erasure of levels of volcanism to this clip...
VIDEO: Hockey Stick over Time Narrated

Interesting read:
Scientists Find Lakes Under Antarctica #
"More than 100 lakes have been found in West Antarctica, according to research published Thursday in the online issue of the journal Science. Read.

A former article: Jeanna Bryner reveals an interesting "twist" to environmental issues: Invisible Mountains Revealed READ
Under Greenland Ice Using the same NASA GISMO technology to map ice sheets on Mars.

IMAGE: ICE-World of Enceladus (a Saturn moon) VIEW!
It's a tropical world where temperatures plunge to minus 274 degrees Fahrenheit, and where Methane (which boils at -148 degrees F) ... It is 23 times stronger than (so called) greenhouse gas, CO2; and thrives in abundance, with an atmosphere of, mostly nitrogen...

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