Healthcare: Right wants innovation revolution; Left wants to create a permanent underclass

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Majority Left's pattern is evolving...Vote & vote & vote, & vote; not to arbitrate a NEW Obamacare bill; but rather, to wear-down and over-ride the Representative's NO vote... It's still a healthcare bill that has not earned the consent of the governed of each State's districts.

Image: Freepers
VIDEO MUST VIEW (R) Rep. McCotter Discusses Health Care Reform: HERE.
He suggests working from the center.

Dems's over-reaching Obamacare bill starts & stops by assigning the U.S. Government new rights, formerly designated for the People... And if you haven't examined the bill, I would suggest that you read it, now.

And then read:
The Constitution: HERE
The Bill of Rights: HERE.
Only then can you examine these distinctions clearly... And, if you'll notice, much of the Health Care Bill was years in preparation... The question is, what else did they write... A new constitution?

Below, a citizen narrates a letter from retired attorney & Constitutional Law Instructor, Mr. Connelly... He gives his assessment of the unconstitutional aspects of the HR3200 bill, from the last NO vote:

NOTE: Mr. Connelly's comments on the 3rd Amendment are based on a Supreme Court decision which decided that the 3rd Amendment granted the right to Privacy.
For other attorneys out there: He cites Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)
Read more.

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