Happy New Year (2010!)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Close-up of that lovely blue moon. Partial lunar eclipse was visible from Europe, Africa & Asia... Home away from home in next decade?
Image:Blue Moon -by ivanboske

The New Year is less than 2 hrs away, in California!

Happy New Year, to All! ...(time-lapse)

Happy New Year, 2010 from andy probst on Vimeo.

Lovely celebrations around the world...
VIDEO: Happy 2010! VIEW. Wishing a better year for friends in both, Dubai, and U.S... And tomorrow, Japan, as they celebrate New Year!

Reinvent the future, and leave the past in the past...
VIDEO: Auld Lang Syne! (Millennium Past) VIEW.
VIDEO: A Century in Five Minutes: VIEW.

In U.S. (etc)...The old past with all of its Scenes, no longer fits! That is why we should avoid trying to "recreate" old political pasts, and out-dated policy... Even when sold as "change"... Or "re-bundled" under a different name...
-A fresh new world, is consciously made better, while free to do so...
Hint: Stay away from FDR 1945; now ditching left, to move to "center."

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