Climate Change: It's who you know

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

On the one hand we see climate Leaders use Environmentalist shrills to colonize development of oil & bank investments from one region of the earth...while crippling oil energy sectors in another; under the guises of Science.

Image: G.P. Daylife

And look at this Video...
Humm... Looks like not all polar bears are equal, in the world of political AGW... US being least equal regarding resources in their own country...
(But that's a different story.)

From Matthew Vadum at -Big Government:
Soros wants IMF to subsidize His Green Investments: ##.
The preeminent funder of the left in America wants the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to become a kind of globetrotting Bernard Madoff, offering low-interest loans to poor countries so they can invest in the doomed global warming industry. Read.

"Specifically, Soros proposes using the IMF’s special special drawing rights (SDRs) to make loans to developing countries. The SDRs, which he describes as “arcane financial instruments that essentially constitute additional foreign exchange” can be converted into one of four currencies and lent out at a low interest rate. The loans would be backed by the IMF’s gold reserves...
As the Ponzi scheme finally unwinds, the governments of the developing world will be left holding the bag. When the bubble bursts, they’re going to get angry, maybe as angry as Albanians got when they were duped in pyramid schemes after the Iron Curtain collapsed. read full.

I'll admit that I'm baffled by much of this; but integrity matters most.

"Soros helped bankrupt Argentina, destroyed the economy of ASIA in 1997, gave England a Black Wednesday, Stock-cheated France, stripped from Russia; and now bought the U.S. Democratic Party -07; but he will not get this country without a fight." GET THEM OUT IN 2010!

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