Senate party-line vote moves Gov health care forward (w/out most of U.S. approval)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (in US!)

This bill is a poison apple... And would never be a good thing to eat, just because one is hungry. So, anything else allowed on the menu to debate? Criminalized? "adjusted" penalty/tax (ace)

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) explains the ill-effects of the 2,074 page disaster; and highlights a responsible solution; for a Nation of massive debt...

-ht: gateway has more. (Video: pre-vote)

Again, Americans want a flexible program; not just "any program."
But Democrat inflexibility, is its own question... read.
AceHQ explains...
Just to be clear what this vote is...there's a motion to proceed on the floor. Under Senate rules the debate on that could go on forever. This is cloture motion allowing a vote on the motion to proceed.

While it's a cloture vote, it's not the one we normally think of. That one is to end debate and vote on the bill itself. That will be the next vote. It will come in a couple of weeks after debate and amendments. Read.
As Dems use Tax-payer funds to buy Representatives of Taxpayers who do not want this bill... It becomes a lose-lose situation of triple taxation Tyranny.

While Harry Reid compares a "NO" vote, to actions against the abolishment of slavery, and voter rights... read ...Bribing elected State Representatives, makes this all just a bit too rich...Read.

The Demcare bribe list... M. Malkin reveals:

MARY LANDRIEU AND LOUISIANA:$100 million; via Jonathan
CALIFORNIA: $300 million, via LA Times:
BID LABOR:Goodies tucked in bill; Via Houston Chronicle
AARP: $18 million in stimulus money
More tax-payer funded roll-overs: here.

A little something more for Democrats to think about:
Former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin says the U.S. is headed toward a deficit iceberg. Obama's lukewarm reception in China may be a sign foreigners are interpreting the suicidal rush to increase healthcare spending as "a dramatic statement to financial markets that the federal government does not understand that it must get its fiscal house in order."

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