Carbon trading could trigger a second sub-prime style financial crisis (w/videos)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Once again, "Friends of the Earth" warn of possible collapse, due to (buy-sell) artificial derivatives schemes (Carbon Credits.)
Dec. Int'l efforts to broaden market, find majority of trade carried out, between Banks and investors who profit from speculation (remote from projects) and delegated to Nat'l Governments, with very little over-sight.

Image: Rooftop Gardens
(Rockefeller Center; U.S.)

Re-post from June...
Michelle Chan, of Friends of the Earth, gives perspective on carbon trading, and need for strong regulation of carbon markets. Huge concern for expansive new derivatives market; as evidenced in (Dodd, Frank, Obama) sub-prime Wallstreet.

ht: Hotair
Video: Ready for a sub-prime carbon market?

The US left (largely absent cause and effect) eyes recovery through economic green shoots; but we have yet to see executive powers being used to regulate what could actually be triggered by the commodity traders…

And you might care to look at this new study:

Controversial New Climate Change Data:
Is Earth's Capacity To Absorb CO2 Much Greater Than Expected? #
As F.R. points out, "Nature is quite efficient on its own. Plants will grow faster and easier as the CO2 in the air increases." Instead of Caps & Tax to reduce... According to the new study, we could provide a natural negative feedback mechanism, on a grand scale... Read!

Nature could provide a free service, soaking up our waste carbon...
I'm sure this would be an affordable solution, of interest...
And will really take priority in climate program solutions?

See for yourself:
UN Contracts do not prioritize Scientific revision:
[Principle 15 of the Rio Declaration and Article 3.3 of Convention:
(---) [Any lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason to postpone or scale down action on adaptation$]

Summary: The CO2 push enables Gov officials and their special interests to directly benefit in Banker's derivatives markets, largely funded and at the expense of tax-payers; who assume all risk via additional Bank bail-outs... (and multi-taxation in the form of mass inflation!)
VIDEO: There's a better way: VIEW.

More later...
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