Boxer breaks Senate rules to push major Tax-bill, without GOP present

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (in France)

The Democrat's strive toward a one party monolithic control of Government, is NOT supported by our Constitution... Today we see history in the making, as Democrats pass a bill out of the environmental public works committee w/out one minority (GOP) present...
The Rules: Two minorities must be present, for a bill to pass to floor from committee. (more below)

In my view... This disenfranchises voters who loose representational input, guaranteed by our Constitution. Due to this (and many other) violations; we could state the need to begin to repeal the 17th Amendment and addresses the abusive hegemony committed by the U. S. Senate! I'm sending this over to a very influential Law firm in DC, for review...

Sen Rockefeller comments, "Do people think that we are trending to the things they care about? And then affirms that what really matters right now for voters, is the focus of finding and keeping jobs...

Senator Inhofe (R-OK)…"That’s exactly right, my state in Oklahoma is not as bad as many of the states, but jobs; that’s it. Right now what we should be doing right now, is passing a highway bill a road bill, get construction going, start getting jobs moving. Instead of all these ideological things."

Will keep you updated on the matter (above) It's my belief that in order to respect our Constitution, we have to be ready to stand to defend it... And we will see many more efforts of private citizens, as they come forth...

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