-Posted by D.C. Worth (US) for- M. Barbay (France & US)

A Few Videos... (open to new window)

VIDEO: The Lighthouse. WONDERFUL!
(HT/ Covertress)

VIDEO: ANGEL Music (and faces) BIG SCREEN

-Good Morning! (pretty video; stay with it ; ) BIG SCREEN

Many of us are being reminded that there is more to trust in the Spirit...
..Than our eyes can see, in the physical world...

Hidden underneath every icy mountain-top there are raging lakes ; and at the bottom of every deep lake, there are mountains... This is just an extension of recreation, with or without mankind... (of whose spirit is eternal.)

I wish you joy, Peace, and sunshine... (of the heart.) ..Have a wonderful day.

I will return in a couple of days...
(pre-posted 12/23/09)

Look beyond the obvious...
VIDEO: Secret Images of Earth (anubismoon) VIEW!

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