Work in Progress...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Painting on canvas screens in lovely soft shades of pastel, on a cloudy day... Not sure why, but the fragrance of oil paint always reminds me of a beautiful Sunday morning, on a terrace...

Image: France, terrace- 98

The video below is a creative (music only) short-film, showing stills of Rembrandt (and etc. midway through the clip.)

Posted mainly for the unique and interesting music...
*** Note: Video 17th century painting nudity (none in videos below)

Wishing you, a creative day...
(Leaving for Grandmother's house (U.S.) on 18th; for Thanksgiving.)

Today's Links...
VIDEO: Jonas Gerard (Live Painter) VIEW!
(Creative & free-flowing!)

VIDEO: Frank Auerbach To the studio: VIEW.
Unusual that the most successful Artist, is the most introverted...
(prolific, but maybe not the healthiest.)

More Live Painting...
VIDEO: Expressionist Svein Koningen VIEW.
VIDEO: More Jonas Gerard - Asheville: VIEW.

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