Rose interviews Goolsbee, one year ago

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

A conversation with Obama's chief advisor, Austan Goolsbee; and discussion about the Federal Reserve. A Must View! This explains the post-election flight of major companies from the U.S...Today, ordinary American business is destroyed by "Too big to fail"...
Now they'll bail-out small biz: more.

HINT: Over 600 billion could be saved by shrinking Government; but we've an Administration that only wants to SPEND more...

-Interview with Rose...56:01 - 1 year ago

Goolsbee states that Obama regulations would seek uniformity; rewarding less the companies that can get lobbyists; and McCain would dramatically increase the deficit to:
700 billion dollars!

-And then sites that Bush tax cuts did not work!
I guess he missed the FACTS:

FlashBack 2006: Are the Bush Tax Cuts Working?
[1.4 million Jobs the Nine Months After August 2003]

Freepers archived this: GDP Growth [Charts at link]
"In the third quarter of 2003, GDP grew at a 7.2 percent annual rate. Forecasters are expecting GDP to grow by 4.6 percent in 2004...

The highest in 20 years.
2003 and 2004 economic growth levels surpassed Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates...

What happened 3rd quarter 2003 before GDP grew at 7.2%:
May 28, 2003 — Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 = 108th United States (Republican) Congress—

And the Video's statements about the FED:
THE FACTS: At the heart of every boom/bust episode since the founding has been money expansion by the fractional-reserve banking system and since 1913 the Fed. They are the primary cause of these boom/bust cycles. They are also the primary cause for the loss in purchasing power of the dollar (over 95% since the founding of the Fed). Now the administration wishes to give the great villain even greater power to cause continued damage." [Source]

Today's Links...
The Myth of the Clinton Surplus read.
"For those that want a more detailed explanation of why a claimed $236 billion surplus resulted in the national debt increasing by $18 billion, please read" this follow-up article.

Nothing is free, which is why liberalism fails
There's nothing wrong with hope. But there is something wrong with hope to the exclusion of logic, hope in the absence of thought, and hope without common sense.

VIDEO: Regulation vs. Capitalism# (White House report -2 min)
The elimination of the "tails and the extremes" of innovation… Read.
(aka: Getting rid of the dog because its tail wags.)

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