Far-left plan will give Italy LESS freedom

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

As Italian Press Federation, opposition groups and left-wing trades unionists at Piazza del Popolo, paint this leader as an enemy...
World News: View.

Italy has held the role of world prominence, and unmatchable hospitality...Leftist opposition brings about leadership that is not entirely keen on wealth, and promptly harvests prominence... And for this, I hope that Italy's distinct loyalty & understanding will remain the order of the day... Image: [Source]

Former Mediaset journalist, Enrico Mentana, suggested that freedom of the press in Italy did not face a greater threat than before...
"Here you can read either that Berlusconi is a god or an imbecile, a saint or a confirmed delinquent," he said.

"Each time, it's double vision, but with a flagrant imbalance in favour of the prime minister, who by the way is a reflection of political life with an extremely weakened left." -Mentana
Always be careful of what you wish for...
These were largely 2005 Union-leftist efforts protesting against the halt of Iranian enrichments... Groups later "purged" Britain.
See what this got them: READ.

But then, really... I can only speak of my own country's experience, as the U.S. is testimony to the catastrophic fruition of an entirely unintended consequence...

All I can say, is that Barack sure has been busy!
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Long Live Italy!

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