The snake oil beneath: Calling out the Whitehouse (section by section)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US trip

From Real Clear Politics:
We Aren't Buying What Obama Has to Sell
Many issues; but knowing Obama's commitment to his wallstreet 'law' cronies; this caught my eye:
"Apparently he believes it will all come from savings from the excessive profits insurance companies take under the current system. But, according to the Wall Street research and ratings firm Morningstar, for-profit health care companies had an average 3.4 percent profit margin over the last year --
Rank: 87th out of 215 industries."
Cash for clunkers = "Ration & drug price-hike"

Gateway has the video: VIEW

Liberals are claiming that the Congressman who shouted "two words" continues to be defiant... Under a dictatorship, this is right...
But in a Republic, the call-out for truth concerning such an important issue, is considered a "Constitutional duty to constituents."

Today Lib's smears against this Congressman's private life, have produced an (unexpected) near million$ toward his campaign coffers (and rising) ... Thaaanks Libs ;)

Today's Links...
Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation of DC TEA Party Planners: read.
Image from Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks: VIEW.
"Hope & Change" -VS- home of the brave, land of the Free

Tributes to British/Irish Soldier, killed during rescue of Left's NY TIMES Reporter... Read.
Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth said: "Cpl John Harrison put his life on the line to rescue others." Read.

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