Obama scraps ABM on Sly; Russia cheers; Poland & Congress ticked; (w/ru Topol vid)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Image: Ballistic missile's trajectory from Iran to US east coast; goes right above Poland (site.)


U. S. Congressional debate of Int'l Affairs & US Nat'l defense, skipped!
A (R) Senator said, "That’s why we will continue to engage in a public debate. There are still some decisions that can be made to ameliorate the effects of this. Not all of the final decisions have been made." Read.

Putin praises Obama's "surprise shield-scrap", Russia refers to as: "neutralization of Russia's vast nuclear deterrent." (As claims to prevent "first & second strike" capabilities.) Remember, there aren't nuclear warheads on the American GBIs... But there ARE warheads on A135 system's interceptors protecting Moscow. (more below)

VIDEO: Topol M ICBM, prompting a scramble by MIGs, in which one is shot down by unknown UFO phaser weapon... (looks like horror)

Bookyards Comments:
"My problem with the decision that was made yesterday was the absence of consultation with our allies on what was going to happen. The White House made a review, realized that it would not fit into its commitments to improving U.S. - Russian relations, and then made the decision to wipe out the program. No debate in Congress. No discussion with our allies. No input from outside experts. No media coverage. This was a unilateral decision done with the outcome decided months ago. A pure political move with .... as far as I can tell .... no quid pro quo from Russia.

My Comment: Our Government requires such matters as National Security & commitment with allies, to come to FULL discussion & Legislative decision...And not limited to the whim of a President.
... But, I do agree with shift to sea-based (U.S. Developed)
Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System: read.

Here’s Japan with (modify) U. S. Dept. of Defense (Missile Defense Agency)
VIDEO: Aegis BMD (JFTM-1) Stellar Kiji Quicklook VIEW.

Obama is over-stepping, and this is angering many...
His polls are dropping at a rapid rate...

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