Madame Pelosi, not particularly outraged over ACORN actions (forgets de-funding)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US

Pelosi Punts on ACORN:
A Few Bad Apples?
"A few people have embarrassed ACORN," observing that ACORN was conducting its own review of the matter. "We have to have our own scrutiny," she said. Any decision to keep language in the final bill that would strip HUD and Transportation funding from ACORN will be up to the conference committee, she said. Read.
Image: N.Y. Post /Getty Images
NYPost confirms that the de-fund bill already passed 83 to 7 by Senate!
ACORN does a "self-audit??"
Hotair has all the shocking videos:

ACE HQ: Pelosi: "ACORN? What ACORN?" read.
An organization, rife w/ corruption, exposed by tax-payers; as Dems use tax-payer funds to conceal developments in their Media!

More discussion in video (below)

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Michelle Malkin uncovers Soros / ACORN / Obama / ABC healthcare connection: VIEW THIS VIDEO!
Where is he now? Let's see... Bank of England, US Economy, (more later)

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